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EarRite, Newest Technology, Invisible, OTC hearing aids

EarRite, Newest Technology, Invisible, OTC hearing aids

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EarRite's newly designed, Bronze model, invisible, in the ear hearing aids is the perfect solution to your hearing struggles. Get high quality sound without the high cost.

  • FDA-registered OTC hearing aids
  • Background noise reduction
  • Rechargeable. No batteries needed
  • Simple controls for easy sound adjustments
Money-back guarantee
Free shiping and returns
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  • Peak OSPL90:

  • THD at 500Hz:

  • OSPL90-HFA(db SPL)

  • THD at 800Hz:

  • Peak Gain(dB):

  • THD at 1600Hz:

  • HFA/FOG(dB):

  • Frequency Range:

  • EQ Input NOISE(dB):

  • Battery Size:

  • Battery Capacity (mAh):

  • Invisible

    Hearing aides are small with a sleek design, nearly invisible.

    • Crystal clear hearing, while keeping your secret safe.

    • Easy to transport with our sleek carrying case.


    Hearing aides are equipped with 3 sets of replaceable silicone domes for a secure and snug fit.

    • Domes come in 3 sizes S, M, or L

    • Simply pull and pop off dome for easy removal.

    9 Sound Levels

    Hearing, tailored to you: 9 levels of custom sound at your fingertips.

    • Customizable sounds for enhanced levels of hearing.

    • Easy to adjust; simply press the on/off volume button.

    OTC (Over-the-Counter) hearing aids are devices designed to amplify sound for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss, available without a prescription.

    EarRite DSP chip incorporates advanced digital technology to provide noise reduction, feedback cancellation, and sound enhancement, Ensuring that you hear sounds as they were intended.

    Our customers reviews

    "Thrilled with my invisible EaRite hearing aids!

    They're undetectable, offer crystal-clear sound, and are surprisingly affordable. A discreet game-changer for daily use.

    Jenny Wilson 13 Jan. 2023

    Great product

    I discovered hearing aids don't have to be expensive. Exceptional clarity, hidden in plain sight, and easy on the wallet.

    Alex Morgan 08 april. 2023

    Great pick

    After years of navigating through the complex world of hearing aids, I stumbled upon this model, and it was a revelation. This device promised invisibility and affordability, and it delivered beyond expectations. Nestled comfortably in my ear, it's so discreet that even my closest friends haven't noticed. But it's not just about being unseen;

    Jordan Patel 23 Dec. 2023

    Good price

    Invisible aids at a great price, blending seamlessly with my daily life. Enhanced hearing without the visibility.

    Eli Thompson 19 july. 2023